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Create unforgettable memories by visiting the enchanting beaches of northern Sardinia; Relax in a beach bar enjoying a mojito at sunset, listen to great music; enjoy typical dishes of the Gallura cuisine whilst dinning in the excellent restaurants that we can recommend; let yourself be impressed by our sea and wonderful boat trips;

Surf the waves or make your best trick in this magical corner of paradise

Live a Holyday that will remain with you forever

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Sardinia is the Italian region that probably contains the highest number of dream beaches and coves, some of which have nothing to envy to the Caribbean islands. In northern Sardinia (Gallura) there are an infinity of morphologically different beaches, united by the enchanting turquoise color of the sea.

Swimming pools of Porto Cuncato, Porto Pollo, La sciumara, Bay of Nelshon Porto Raphael, Cala Capra and Le Saline, Cala di Trana - Palau; Cala Corsara, Cala Soraia, Cala Connari, Porto Della Madonna

Cala Santa Maria, Razzoli, The wreck, Cala Napoletana, Cala Coticcio - Archipelago of La Maddalena; Isthmus of Capo Testa, La Licciola Beach - Santa Teresa Gallura; Monti Russu Bay and Rena Majore Beach - Aglientu, Li Tinnari Beach and Li Cossi Beach - Costa Paradiso, Li Feruli Beach and La Marinedda Beach - Isola Rossa.


... and much, much more

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Surf, Windsurf, Kitesurf, Sup, Sailing

This corner of paradise offers you a "full" holiday in every sense, not only for the beautiful landscapes or the crystal clear sea, but for the variety of activities it offers.

In the isthmus of Porto Pollo there are numerous surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing and sailing schools, famous for the professionalism of their instructors and for the modernity and care of the materials.

Numerous "spots" nearby will allow you to try your hand at the discipline you are most passionate about: from surfing in Rena Majori, Isola Rossa or Marinedda to the waves to surf with Wind Surf in Cala Pischina or La Ciaccia and why not perform in beautiful Cut Backs with the kite on the waves of Marina delle Rose or La Ciaccia?


Excursions by boat, diving & ...

The Archipelago of La Maddalena or the Corsican archipelago ... it doesn't matter, whatever choice you make will be the right one: crystal clear sea and pristine beaches to enjoy a day of diving from the boat and swimming from the beach.

At the reception you will find all the information on; Sailboats or motorboats of max 12 pax or the economical "barges" of 150-200 pax.

The availability and professionalism of the captains, with whom we have an agreement, will make you spend a day that you will remember for a long time

There are numerous diving centers ready to make you discover the underwater beauties of the La Maddalena and Corso Archipelago.

Mountain bike excursions to discover more or less hard trails of the Gallura hinterland.

At the reception you can ask for information on the day you would like to spend, weather updates and agreements with the various structures.


The restaurants

From Porto Cervo to Santa Teresa di Gallura (within a radius of 30 km) you will find a large number and variety of restaurants and farmhouses: from the various and excellent fish restaurants (La Taverna, La Gritta, Pasta e Vino in Palau, the tavern in Porto Pozzo) to exceptional meat restaurants (La Cuppulata and Maestrale in Palau) to farmhouses (exceptional La Teggjha in Rena Majori), various Pizzerias (from the award-winning Serafino restaurant to the

wholemeal or soy one at the Maestrale in Palau); several themed restaurants: from Churrascheria ( Aruanã a Poltu Cuatu) to Mexican (Canteen a Poltu Cuatu) or Sushibar (O'Belau in Palau) ... these just to name the best.

Upon your arrival we will be happy to give you all the information you need.


The Beach-Bars & Discos

IBeach Bar and Disco Bar, beach life: The Beach bars.

Porto Pollo is the queen beach for this type of activity you will find many of different types and sizes: wind, Rupis, Octoplus, Calavelas, Lacalacala ... choose where to enjoy an excellent lunch, an aperitif at sunset, or dine sitting in front at the sea. If you want to be late: from June to September every evening, in turn, you will find a party in one of the listed beach bars.

Disco bar: from the Surf Bar to the Porto Pollo coffee in Porto Pollo, from the Grillo to the Rosso and Bianco wine bar, passing through the Moon Light to finish at the Upper in Palau.

You will have the opportunity to have fun until 3:00 in the morning

For those who are not sleepy or wake up late ...

In a few kilometers by car you will find several discos that will accompany you until dawn.

From the enchanting construction of the Ritual, to the wonderful location of Phy Beach (Baia Sardinia) from the elegant Billionare to the classic Sotto Vento (Porto Cervo) to finish in the captivating Estasi's (Santa Teresa Di Gallura).


There is something for everyone ...

After a good mojito at sunset and an excellent dinner, night attractions await you: beach bars and disco bars, evening markets and shopping in the characteristic shops of the center ... for you the night never ends? 

Moving a few miles you can have the morning in beautiful discos.

In this corner of the world the night will never end.

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